Inner Body Meditation

  • Breath
  • Acceptance/Surrender
  • Stillness
  • Silence
  • Inner-body

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”


Meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective benefits to overall wellbeing that we have access to. It is free, it can be practiced anywhere at any moment and it can help form connections with each other in a deep, meaningful way. I encourage you to explore these meditation and mindfulness exercises with your parents and friends to explore the world of quantum energetics that surround us. It is where the magic happens!

5 Exercises for Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation:


Sit quietly and with a journal and explore what it feels like to breathe. Focus on your in-breath and out-breath and feel the differences in your body through each subtle movement. Write down your experience around what it feels like considering the following questions:

Do you feel any restrictions or muscles contracting through each breath?

Do you judge your breathing? If so, how?

Do your thoughts try to distract you from focusing on your body?

What thoughts are coming up for you while you do this? Can you “swipe them away” or do they take you down a path without your control?

Share your experience and observations with another trusted person. This sharing will help you start to see your thoughts from the outside and realize you are not your thoughts.


Set the timer for 5 minutes and sit quietly observing your thoughts as they float by. As you feel yourself settle into the moment, bring up in your mind a recent conflict or interaction you had with another that you may wish you could have done differently. Slow each thought down and feel in your body when the tension starts to creep in. Stop on the thought that creates tension and explore relaxing your body in that moment.

How does this change the next thought?

Can you see how this practice in the moment can help open your mind to different options?

How could the outcome have been different if you would have surrendered to the moment in front of you?

Surrender is this context means an acceptance of the present moment as it is in front of you.  Instead of seeing the present moment for what it is, we often judge the moment and think it should be different or better…or that the other person can somehow make it better for us.  “If only they would listen to me” or “If only they would see me and let me do it my way”, etc.  You can see how this cloud your options and make it seem about the other person.  What would happen if you saw the moment as is?  This person in front of me is not listening, instead of judging them, allow them to not listen and allow your own inner wisdom to direct your next action.  Relax (or surrender) into the actual present moment and your whole world will change right in front of you.  Remember: In a war, the side that surrenders we judge as the losers of the war, as if there are winners and losers in a war.  In reality, the side that surrenders is the side that is choosing to save everyone’s lives.  There is immense power in that choice.


“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Do this exercise with a partner. Set a timer for 3 minutes and see how still you can remain while being outside in nature. Maybe pick a tree or flower to focus on and observe your desire to talk, your desire to move, maybe your uncomfortableness in “doing nothing”.

The Tao teaches us “do nothing and everything gets done”. How does that work? Experience three minutes of stillness and notice the judgments that come up. How do you feel when the 3 minutes are up? Anxious, calm? What does that tell you about yourself and your relationship to the present moment? See if you can imagine how much is getting done within you (heart beating, breathing, cells growing and dying and replicating) when your outer body is still. Nothing is left undone in nature…not ever.

Did you find yourself judging the flower for not “getting anything done” or were you able to appreciate it’s beauty and grace simply being as it is. Stillness is not about non-movement, it is about bringing a level of awareness to your day.

Can you be still while you are moving after this exercise?


Oh, how we run from silence!  And oh, how much we miss with the noise we surround ourselves with.  Being silent is one of the most challenging states of being, especially in our culture.  At home, try setting silent times and experience communicating with body language and energy only.  Start with 10 minutes and make it a fun game with the family.  For a challenge, try it without electronics and see what comes up for everyone. 

Taking a 30-minute walk in nature is a great way to start this one and see if you can walk next to another person, or with your family, for 30 minutes without speaking.  Experience each other’s energy and feel what it is like to look another person in the eye.  Share your experiences with each and especially your fears around the quiet.  If you are scared of the silence, why?  There is always a deeper reason…maybe silence makes you feel alone and it is like the idea of being alone and loneliness that is actually at the root there. 


Bring your awareness to your body when moving through the world.  Set the timer for 3 minutes and sit quietly observing your body.  Is there tension present?   Does anything hurt?  Is your body trying to tell you anything?  Relax each muscle group as you bring your awareness to each part of your body.  As you do this, notice gently if anything comes up?  Any colors, or images come up while you scan your body?  If so, jot them down in your journal and explore what they may mean when the 3 minutes are over.

In addition to setting the timer, see if you notice your body sending messages to you while you are moving?  Feel the energy in the room and notice if it changes when the phone beeps, or when a certain person walks in the room?  Do you have a favorite teacher that you trust?  Why? 

VIOLET: Spirituality, Head, Higher Knowing

INDIGO: Awareness, Forehead, Inner Wisdom

BLUE: Communication, Throat, Knowing Your Voice

GREEN: Love, Healing, Heart, Seeing the Truth

YELLOW: Wisdom, Power, Solar Plexus, Intuition

ORANGE: Sexuality, Creativity, Sacral, Where Ideas are Born

RED: Basic Trust, Base Tailbone, Groundedness