There is hope

Equine Therapy Programs in Maine

Nothing will move you along your path faster than the work you do with horses.


Equine Therapy Wellness


No Couches. Just warm fur.

Equine Therapy Wellness Sessions: Mainly focuses on shadow work as horses can mirror our subconscious energy in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way, allowing us to expand our awareness around patterns and childhood trauma. Sessions can be booked individually or purchased in a package of three. Sessions are typically 90 minutes.

Chakra Clearing Session: This work involves using the horse’s high-frequency vibrational field to assist with clearing energy blocks in the seven Chakra centers. This is a deeply moving experience which can take upwards of six months to fully integrate and upon completion, often leaves clients with a feeling of overwhelming love. Sessions are always booked individually and typically take two hours to complete.

Pricing varies based on type and length of session. Please contact me for more information. Scholarships are available upon request.

Equine Life Coaching


Don’t just show, show up

Equine Life Coaching Opportunities: General 60 minute sessions to help promote wellness and overall reconnection to authenticity by using horses to explore patterns and triggers that we may be ready to integrate back into our consciousness.  These sessions are great for exploring anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD and other mental health or behavioral diagnosis in a way that supplements general psychotherapy.

Great for children between the ages of 8 and 18 as well as adults of all ages, can be booked individually or in a package of 5, generally 60 minutes.

Equine Connection Series


For Children & Young Adults

Equine Connection Series: This is a two-part series that introduces young children and young adults to the world of the equine, including basic horsemanship skills, basic barn management skills, and work with quantum energetics through mindfulness and meditation exercises. This is an 8-week series, two hours each week.

Life coaching is also available for ages 8-18, which is great for exploring anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.