For children & Young Adults

Equine Connection Series

A two-part series that introduces young children and young adults to the world of the equine, including basic horsemanship & barn management skills, and work with quantum energetics through mindfulness and meditation exercises. Great for exploring anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.


Make their wish come true

With Horse Empowerment

Does your child dream of riding or having a horse? Now they can explore horsemanship without the commitment AND learn valuable skills to help them with things like anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and more.

Through a combination of barn management, horsemanship, horseback riding, and mindfulness teachings, your young child or young adult will leave these sessions feeling calm and empowered.

The Equine Connection Series is a two-part series of workshops held locally. Both parts are four weeks long and meet for 2-3 hours once per week. 

For children ages 8-18, Life Coaching is also available. 


What to Expect

“What doesn’t worry you anymore?” asked the boy. “The expectations of others,” said the horse. – Charlie Mackesy

Equine Connection – Part 1:

What to Expect:

– Introduction to Horsemanship
o History of Horses and Horsemanship
o Understanding the Horse: See the World through the Eyes of the Horse
o Experience the Connection through Leading Exercises and Groundwork

– Horse Handling and Care
o Safety, Safety, Safety: How to be the Leader of the Herd
o Basic Grooming skills including brushing, mane & tail care, hoof care
o Breed Descriptions and Horse Anatomy

– Barn Maintenance
o Basic Feeding Information: What to Feed, How Often and How Much
o Experience Preparation of Hay/Grain and Feeding Horses
o Water Management
o Basic Stall Cleaning and Learning How to “Take Care”

– Mindfulness and Meditation
o Loving, safe, non-judgmental environmental to learn about yourself and the horse
o Bring a greater awareness to your body movements and non-verbal communication
o Learn how to “See with your Heart and Hear with your Eyes”

What you Need:
– Open Heart and Mind
– Appropriate Clothing for the Season
– Boots or Hiking Shoes that Go Above the Ankle
– Binder, Reference Material, Colored Pencils, and Toasty drinks and snacks will be provided

Equine Connection – Part II:

What to Expect:

Classes will begin with a group meeting, followed by grooming and leading exercises and ending with riding
o 3 Hours will be spent almost entirely outside, please dress accordingly
o Riding times will progressively get longer and longer as the weeks go on

What you Need:
– Water Bottle
– Lunch/Snacks
– Boots with heels if possible, or winter boots, hiking shoes that go above the ankle, or mud boots (with warm socks as applicable)
– Sunscreen/Hat (if needed)
-Long Pants (required)
-Sweatshirt (if needed)
-Bug Spray (in season)
-Equine Connection Binder from Part I
-Pencil or Pen
-Apples or Carrots for the horses

Covid-19 & Safety

o Disinfectant spray will be used for lead ropes/brushes and equipment
o Exercises are designed to help maintain social distancing while we are together
o Hand Sanitizer will be available and will be used frequently
o All drop-off and pickup will be through the side gate to limit the number of people in the barn together
o Parents are encouraged to stay in their vehicle if possible.