Equine Connection

Horses. Healing. Happiness.

I help you reconnect to your heart through the use of horses, which leads to greater abundance, happiness, and general peace of mind.


It’s nice to meet you

Hi! I’m Emily!

I was a parent that felt like I could never do it right. I was watching myself pass by opportunities to change patterns and heal generational pain and I didn’t have any way to make those changes. I was aware of the harm I was doing to my spouse, my children, and yet I couldn’t stop it from repeating itself.

I wanted to know answers to questions I couldn’t fully articulate and I wanted peace from the constant judgment I was feeling around being a working mom, being the perfect wife, being the model employee. It all came crashing down around me and when I started to use my voice I realized it didn’t have to be that way any longer. That was when I needed tools and teachers to help me along this new path.

Through equine therapy, I developed a greater sense of connectedness with myself. I was amazed at the ways the horse was able to pull from my subconscious that which I had spent years trying to excavate through more regular types of therapy and energy work. The direct experience the horse gives you with yourself is one of the most powerful aspects of this type of work and the by-product of that experience is the ability to see clearly the aspects of your life you want to keep and the aspects that you may be ready to let go of. This leads to greater abundance in the areas that matter, thus accumulating resources, not simply for the sake of amassing material items, but actually creating true abundance in your life. I would like to be that teacher for another coming behind me.

Why Equine Therapy?

Benefits of working with horses:

Save Money

By having direct experiences like these with horses, you can break patterns that may lead to unnecessary spending habits, let go of addictions, and take responsibility for your life in a new way with a new outlook on what is important to you and what your priorities are. If you’re already in therapy, an equine session can help speed along healing that can take multiple sessions with a typical talk therapist, getting you to your goals faster and for a fraction of the cost


Save Time

These sessions, specifically chakra healings, can help clear energy pathways so time management is redefined. When you learn to bend time, space frees up in those areas we want to participate in rather than areas we feel obligated to participate in. Having freedom of choice, which comes with breaking lifelong patterns, can assist with time management in general, giving you a new way of being in life and helping to focus your awareness and attention to the present moment – where there is always enough time.

Better Relationships

Finding a tribe is crucial to genuine healing and this type of deep inner work can help you connect to the people you are meant to attract, while also letting go of those that no longer serve your growth. Working with the horses will open channels within yourself that will then attract others vibrating at a higher frequency than where you started.

Gain More

Releasing old belief systems about oneself helps to gain a new sense of self and a greater connectedness to nature, that naturally leads the way to increased productivity, decreased waste, and greater abundance in all areas of one’s life.

Give More

When you experience the connectedness between yourself and the horse, you start to realize that everything is interconnected and balances itself out in the truest sense of nature. The trust the horse puts in you, in turn, allows you to build trust with yourself and that of those around you. You can only be trusted by others as much as you trust yourself and the horse gives you the direct experience of what trust and mistrust look and feels like in your body.

Make An Impact

Connecting with a large fight or flight animal is quite the experience in participating in something greater than yourself. You can’t help but feel the awe and wonder of these powerful animals and the simultaneous gentleness and softness they display. This gives one’s life an immediate sense of meaning and an instant connection to your own heart, even the hardest of hearts. This helps to spark compassion for animals, the environment and fellow human beings in a very natural and meaningful way.

“Nothing moved me along this path faster than the work I did with the horses.”

It was my own navigating out of the hopelessness of my situations that led me to learn how to help others dig themselves out as well.

I know all too well what it feels like to be hopeless, to think that there is no way out of certain circumstances, to feel like it will never be different and that there is no choice in the matter. I felt like I was a failure, that the secrets I kept were going to bubble over and seep out of me in a way that everyone would be able to see who I truly was and therefore would no longer like or love me. It feels desperate, like a bottomless pit with no light in front of or behind me. A sinking, desolate feeling. There is guilt and shame and anger all mixed together in a knotted ball of goop.

I have stories of when I was in active addiction, when I had to return to work as a mom, when I said yes to things I wish I had said no to, when I yelled at my kids when I knew I didn’t want to be, when I stormed out on my husband when he wouldn’t give me permission to do something that I didn’t actually need his permission for, all of those incidents led me to the jumping-off place where I knew something needed to give. That’s when I started seeking various forms of help. Nothing moved me along this path faster than the work I did with the horses.

It was my own navigating out of the hopelessness of my situations that led me to learn how to help others dig themselves out as well. Coupling my equine background—from my first ride at age 3, to growing up in Pony Club and eventually participating in 3-Day Events in my teen and young adult years—with what I have experienced through my own reconnection to my authenticity, I am now able to assist others on this path of healing, translating the horse’s body language for clients to clearly see their subconscious patterns.

Now that I am on the other side, I can easily see where people are on the journey and can meet them right where they are at, allowing them the grace of their own healing while also illuminating the path ahead and showing them signposts that mark their journey.

By engaging in this work, what I can guarantee is that you’ll grow as a person in many ways, and experience increased peace of mind, sense of self, awareness of your judgments, and general connectedness to the oneness consciousness.  If you’re a parent, you’ll be able to break free from patterns that haven’t been serving you well, reduce low-level depression and anxiety, and experience a deeper connection with your child.